hey i'm aley

i draw silly things and less silly things

i really like bunnies

my life is a joke with no punchline

fandom stuff gets tagged
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A Blog of Minimal Importance
Zuko or rufio?


why do we need to choose?

the beauty is… when you’re with me, you don’t have to.

Prince Zukio, firebending dread pirate of the Nevernation.

What is one who lacks beauty to do in a world that's so obsessed with it?


you looked beautiful to me…

and don’t obsess over such trivial things as beauty, or whatever you seem to think beauty is… enjoy beauty, but obsess over becoming great… or impacting the world.

*Likes you from a safe distance*


that’s no fun… come a little bit closer.



sooo cute!

It’s feels like Thanksgiving with the old crew…

Do you have a favorite smell?


i love certain perfumes because it reminds me of certain girls…

and the smell of brand new socks. i always thought when i become rich, my little eccentricity will be that i’ll never wear the same pair of sock twice.  


Look who I ran into in Vegas… It’s a battle for the castle! #greydelisle #firenation Azula… You know I would win, right?


Because xerionsmusings asked… & I guess I was just in the mood. (Taken with GifBoom)

… OH.


a funny line dave says to karkat about his god tier cape…


The Fire Nation is full of hotties. No pun intended.

Guess whose Rufio stickers came in the mail today?

/silently vibrating with glee



Dave Talkin To Jade…

(Sh*t was funny… just felt like reading it…)