hey i'm aley

i draw silly things and less silly things

i really like bunnies

my life is a joke with no punchline

fandom stuff gets tagged
ask me to tag stuff, i don't mind
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A Blog of Minimal Importance

Haaaaah. Iron Man 2 may not be great, but I’m giggling like crazy over the fact that they use Robot Rock during Tony’s and Rhodes’ fight scene.

oh no sockdreams came out with a bunch of new designs and

i want…. all of them………

what do you mean i can’t take the rest of the week off just because i feel lethargic?????

if “call me maybe” wins a single grammy i’m going to vomit on everything

dear art gods please please please pretty please make me good at art


ok thank

Dear internet,

I bought this calendar today. Also my life is a joke.

  • Me: Who actually likes chocolate with fruit in it? I mean, I like them on their own, but together...
  • Brother: Like you eat fruit.
  • Me: I eat fruit!
  • Brother: Dough isn't a fruit.

also screams wow these are are cute but they’re $52 and i can’t justify spending that on gloves augh /)n(\

I ponified “friend zone” with “dimension of entitlement” and I feel this was a good decision

>allows brother to use laptop for the first time in years
>brother tries to type in “google”, ends up on softcore porn site


My mother just suggested I go into politics, and for a moment I found myself considering it. Oh my god, no, I can’t, you would all be so, so, incredibly screwed if I had anything even resembling a position of power.

"Ms. Yanuzzi, why weren’t you at the meeting?"

"What meeting?"

"To talk about the briefing you gave us."

"When did I give you a briefing?

"Last week. It’s for the campaign you’re running."

"… I’m running a campaign?"

My graphic design professor better not have cancelled class without letting anyone know again… :U

Personal note: Listen to more Fiona Apple.